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Paver sealing

Exterior Cleaning Solutions offers some of the best options for paver sealing in Seattle. Paver sealing is one of the best ways you can protect your home's pavers from the elements. Without sealant, pavers are vulnerable to damage from mold, moisture, weeds, and staining.

If your home's paver areas haven't been sealed yet, give us a call at 425-525-8024 and get a free estimate for the cost of our paver sealing service. Protect your pavers with Exterior Cleaning Solutions, your trusted pros of pressure washing for Seattle.

Protecting Stone & Brick Pavers

Both stone and brick pavers benefit from being treated with a proper sealant. Sealing your pavers locks in their color and locks out oil, grime, and other mess to prevent severe or permanent stains from settling into the surface. It even helps prevent fading from sunlight by blocking UV rays. The sealant also inhibits mold growth, which can otherwise harm brick pavers. Because it's applied evenly over the surface and in between the joints, it also helps combat weed growth between the cracks of your pavers. All in all, paver sealing makes cleaning and caring for your pavers much easier in the long run and ensures that it retains their like-new appearance for much longer.

So what type of paver sealer should you use? A lot of that comes down to the material of your pavers and the look you want for them. Most sealers can be divided into two types: film-forming sealers with a gloss or semi-gloss finish, and non-film-forming sealers with a matte finish. Film-forming sealers create an actual physical barrier and thus provide a stronger level of protection, but many people prefer to go with the matte finish for a more natural look. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference. If you choose to do your paver sealing with us, we'll go over your options and help you pick the sealant that suits your needs best.

Deck And Patio Cleaning

Many people construct their patios out of pavers. Sealing up those pavers makes patio cleaning a lot easier when it comes time to do it. However, if you really want to take the load off of maintaining your patio, just give us a call when it's time, and we'll pressure wash it perfectly for you.

Have a deck, not a patio? No problem. Deck washing is one of our specialties. We treat each deck we work on with care, soft washing them to carefully remove stains and slime without harming the finish. Whatever type of outdoor living space your home has, keep it clean with Exterior Cleaning Solutions!

Sidewalk wash

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